Since 1980 I have been working as a therapist, trainer and supervisor. Via co-counselling, gestalt, psychosynthesis, dream work, bioenergetics and a biodynamic massage training, I came across Hans Knibbe and the School for Oriėntation of Being. The vision of this school brought me into a deep realization that it is always possible to make contact with a loving and free dimension in myself. In 1997 I completed my training as a Being oriented therapist.

In the same year I got to know the 5Rhythms®. Through the vision of the Oriėnted Being, I had got into contact with who I am in my essential self. The dancing made me come home more deeply to this essential self. I followed the teacher training with Gabrielle Roth and have been a recognized teacher of the 5Rhythms®since 2001. In 2006 came Mindfulness onto my path and at the end of 2008 I completed the training with David Dewulf as a Mindfulness Trainer at the Institute for Mindfulness. I continue to do further courses in the 5Rhythms® and at the moment I am following the Heartbeat training in America with Gabrielle Roth.

With all the courses and trainings that I have followed in the meantime, the 5Rhythms® have continued to fascinate me the most. I find it a magnificent form of movement meditation and the great thing about it, that I also find is that all aspects of my essential self become touched. Softness and the capacity to surrender in the flowing rhythm, fire and passion in staccato, the art of letting go in chaos, joy and being carefree in the lyrical rhythm and wisdom and compassion in stillness. Every time I dance the 5Rhythms® and visit stillness for a time, there is ease, peace, space and openness.

I taught the 5Rhythms® with great pleasure for 5 years in Nijmegen (Holland) and have also taught in Antwerp since July 2005, when I moved to Antwerp to be with my beloved who is Belgian. Since then I have given courses, workshops and year trainings in Belgium and Holland.